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Feast of aromas and tastes

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Feast of aromas and tastes

Wines Cellar full of wines

Well-chosen wine will supplement the taste of each dish. Its refined depth of taste will make culinary trip of every gourmet nicer. It will stimulate your senses and move you to the most beautiful regions of the world.

Chef Sylwester Lis

The Chef of BUKOVINA is well-known and highly-regarded Sylwester Lis. Each dish prepared by him is a sophisticated combination of an unforgettable taste and a surprising look. The cuisine of Sylwester Lis combines regional tastes of dishes of Podhale with modern trends of the Fusion Cuisine. Traditional tastes of Małopolska in a completely new form constitute a real feast for taste and sight senses.

Sylwester Lis about himself: I look for new culinary challenges every day. I believe in the symbiosis of a place and a product, in the excellence of cuisine created of healthy and natural components. I try to reflect the beauty of our region in each dish.

Karta win

Skosztuj najlepszych win świata z piwnicy BUKOVINA


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